Wybierając produkt wykonany z materiału certyfikowanego Oeko-Tex standard 100, robicie coś dobrego dla siebie i dla planety.

By choosing a product made of Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified material, you are doing something good for yourself and for the planet.

Oeko-Tex standard 100 is a certificate confirming the quality of textile and textile products that come into direct contact with human skin.

Oeko-Tex is an idea of ​​the German Hohenstein institutes and the Austrian Institute of Ecology, Technology and Innovation ÖTI. What was the mission of the scientists to introduce such a certification? There are several reasons for this:

highlighting the quality of specific products in which you will not experience harmful substances,
defining the standards of products that have a chance to receive a certificate (regardless of the place of production),
minimizing and combating the availability of products that have been produced with hazardous and harmful substances.
The Oeko-Tex organization assigns a certificate to products on which tests have been carried out to verify the presence of the 100 most dangerous substances threatening consumers.
Thanks to tests carried out in laboratories around the world, the certified products are free from agents that adversely affect human health (e.g. formaldehydes, pesticides or substances that may cause allergies).
Choose wisely and protect the environment!
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